Help support SentBot

We love bringing music right to your Discord Server through SentBot. The amount of server power required to maintain SentBot's standard of quality is expensive. You can support the development and maintenance of SentBot and enjoy some premium features, too!

Perks of donating

As a patron of $2 or more per month you will gain access to SentBot Collider in one server of your choosing including:

  • An isolated bot that is not affected by peak usage (eg. less lag)
  • The ability to add Spotify playlists with tracks found on YouTube and Soundcloud
  • The ;;volume command, which allows you to change the volume of the bot for everyone
  • Earn the Patron role in SentBot Lounge
Once you have become a Patron you can remotely add the bot by going here! Thank you for all your support! ~SixAiy