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SentBot is a free Discord music bot that delivers the best quality music to your Discord server. SentBot can easily be added to your Discord server with no configuration.

Setting up our bot

SentBot is made to be super simple to use! Getting SentBot running on your server is easy. You can invite SentBot by authenticating it with your account using this link. Please be aware that you must have Manage Server permissions to add SentBot.


Command Description Example usage & aliases
..help Displays all the available commands for your permission level. ..help, ..h, ..commands
..invite Displays the invite link ..inv
..ping Displays the Ping to Discord and Ping to the API ..ping
..uptime Displays the uptime ..uptime
..clear Clears the chat for you up to 14 days, clear command on its own defaults to 100 ..clear 25
..ban Ban a person from your guild/discord server. ..ban @username
..kick Kick anyone from your discord ..kick @username
..softban Ban then unban a user deleting there messages ..softban @username
..invite Sends the invite link for SentBot ..invite
..stats Shows the Current Stasticts for Sentbot. ..stats
..set View or change settings for your server includeing modlogs. ..set edit modLogChannel modlog
..tmp View the server status from TruckersMP or get player info from TMP-ID. ..tmp "servers | player tmpid | time | version"
..userinfo Displays the user information for a discord user. ..userinfo @username
..serverinfo Displays the server information for the guild the command is executed in. ..severinfo

Music Commands

Command Description Example usage & aliases
..play play anything from YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, Vimeo, Mixer and HTTP(S) ..play nocopyrightsounds
..stop Stops the current song and clears the playlist if there is one! ..stop
..volume Change the volume of the current song your listening to!. ..v 25
..skip Skips the current song playing! ..skip
..np Shows the current track playing on SentBot ..now
..queue Displays the current playlist on the bot (Works with 1 song as well!) ..q
..pause Pauses the current track/song ..pause
..resume resumes the previous song that was paused playing ..resume

Adding music to the playlist

Adding music to the playlist is pretty simple. To start playing a track, use the ..play command. Here are two examples:
											..play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhhSmX1m-KE
..play nocopyrightsounds
You can either explicitly state the URL, or you can get SentBot to search YouTube and give you some choices. Supported sites:

  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Bandcamp
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo
  • Mixer
  • HTTP(S)
Let us know if you want other sites supported.

Join SentBot Lounge

We invite everyone to join SentBot Lounge, which is a place to discuss suggestions and request for support. I'm very willing to take suggestions for the bot so don't hesitate to say what you have in mind! Click here to join!


Before you do anything, please read our FAQ.
You can join either our Discord server or tweet me at @SixAiy.


By using any of my hosted (but not selfhosted) bots you are subject to our (very minimal!) terms of service.
Effective as of 10th March 2019.


SentBot is developed by SixAiy.
SentBot Logo was made by SixAiy